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The positive effect of the frequency of swimming pool on our health is not believable, and the positive impact of exercise on our mental and physical health is undeniable. In the meantime, the best is when you choose a special exercise program that is appropriate to your lifestyle, your interests and your physical condition, because exercise is something you should enjoy.

Wonder level

1-3years old

How to safely enter and exit the water.
Breathing skills including getting their face wet, blowing bubbles and ducking under water.
Essential survival skills including floating on their front and back.
Water safety messages including always swim with an adult.
Basic swimming movement.

Courage level

3-5years old

Help your pre-schooler develop their skills and confidence in the water.  Our classes feature games and activities to provide a fun atmosphere while teaching essential water safety survival skills and basic swimming techniques.
Entry and exit skills teach children to safely and confidently enter and exit the water using a range of basic techniques
Breathing and underwater skills
Survival skills including using flotation aids for support in deep water
Floating and sculling skills to encourage independent floating on the front and back and basic sculling skills to propel the body in a range of directions
Development of kicking and arm movement skills, basic independent mobility and working towards elementary swimming strokes
Water safety education with simple messages of never swimming alone, calling for help if in trouble and understanding basic pool rules to support water safety.

Active levels

5-13 years old

Secure and develop your child’s swimming skills during their school years and they will be set for life.
Entry and exit skills to teach children the safest entry and exit method for a range of aquatic environments
Floating and sculling skills to gain mobility in the aquatic environment, vital skills for developing swimming and survival skills
Movement and swimming strokes to develop efficient and effective stroke technique and the ability to adapt strokes to suit conditions. Fitness and endurance increases through the progression of levels
Survival and life jacket skills offer techniques and strategies for a range of emergency situations, including the use of personal flotation devices
Underwater skills to build vital confidence in the water Relaxation and good breath control are developed to increase swimming endurance
Rescue skills to equip children with the required skills to perform a range of rescues depending on the emergency situation, the environment and prevailing conditions
Water safety knowledge to develop an understanding of a range of swimming and water safety issues that underpins safety in and around the water.

Adult swim training

14+years old

It’s never too late to learn to swim or make improvements to your swimming strokes.
We offer a range of adult classes for beginners through to more experienced swimmers including.

Adult Beginner

Ideal for people with little or no experience in the water who want to improve their confidence levels. These classes will provide an understanding of the basic skills required for water awareness, aquatic safety and swimming skills.

Adult Intermediate

Designed for people with basic swimming and water safety proficiency who want to extend these skills. The classes provide tuition in stroke development, timing and breathing and include water safety skills such as treading water and further developing survival strokes.

Adult Stroke Correction

For the more experienced swimmer looking for specific stroke correction to improve technique and training programs.
It’s never too late to learn to swim or make improvements to your swimming strokes.
We offer a range of adult classes for beginners through to more experienced swimmers including.

Our session is about one hour


Private Swim School

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